We have a specialist team of advisers who are dedicated to providing a full range of financial planning, tailored specifically to dental and medical professionals.

Our team has an in-depth knowledge of NHS pensions and understands the career paths of hospital doctors, GPs, dentists and locums.

Our advice services

Let us support you and take the stress out of pension and insurance planning. Our service covers everything you’ll need, including:

NHS pensions

  • Working out current benefits available.
  • Forecasting potential future benefits.
  • Ways in which you can take benefits.
  • Lifetime and annual allowances.

  • Ill-health pensions.
  • Tax implications.
  • Investment planning.

Income protection

The NHS offer sick pay, death in service benefits and two levels of ill-health pension for those who are members of the NHS Pension Scheme. We can help ensure you are protected with the right cover, at the right price based on your circumstances.

Locum insurance

Falling ill and being unable to work is a concern among many medical professionals, and is especially important if you need to find a locum to maintain your patients’ care. 

We can work with you protect you and your business, ensuring minimal impact on profits and maintaining income for you and your family. We have worked with many medical professionals practices to achieve this.

Your role and contract will determine what support you receive and the support you will need. We have a comprehensive panel of insurers to give you the best fit for your circumstances.

Business planning

How smoothly would your business run should one of the owners or team members die or become seriously ill? Maintaining patient care is key to the turnover and profitability of your practice. 

We offer specialist advice on a range of solutions to help your business continue trading if the unexpected were to happen. Talk to us to arrange a no-obligation business risk review to see how we can help protect one of your biggest assets.

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Free financial planning seminars

We provide a range of free, tailored presentations covering financial planning issues that you and your colleagues face. Our ‘lunch & learn’ events can be delivered at your place of work - we’ll even arrange the lunch for you.

We also have a suite of presentations, including ‘Business succession & continuity planning’ and ‘NHS pensions & taxation’, covering the main aspects of financial planning that are important for you.

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