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Our Core Investment Proposition

For new investments, we will first consider whether there is a product that is most suitable for your needs from Quilter's platform, Quilter Investors or Quilter Cheviot. If the best solution for you isn’t there, we will recommend an alternative from a leading panel of providers.

The value of investments and the income they produce can fall as well as rise. You may get back less than you invested.

Cirilium Active Portfolios

The Quilter Investors Cirilium Active Portfolios are a range of actively managed multi-asset portfolios, tailored to different risk/reward profiles. Each of the five portfolios invests in a range of investments managed by a variety of specialist fund managers from around the world. The Cirilium Active portfolio managers scour the globe for the best funds across all asset classes, allowing the portfolios to have access to thousands of investment strategies, some of which would not ordinarily be available to everyday investors.

Cirilium Blend Portfolios

The Quilter Investors Cirilium Blend range consists of five risk-targeted portfolios and provides access to a carefully blended, cost-effective combination of actively managed funds and passive strategies. The Cirilium Blend Portfolios provide global diversification through a blend of active and passive investment strategies across traditional and alternative asset classes.

Cirilium Passive Portfolios

The Quilter Investors Cirilium Passive range offers five globally diversified solutions, each targeting a different risk level and provide access to a range of cost-effective, globally diversified passive investments, across traditional asset classes. The portfolios use a range of passive investment strategies, including exchange-traded funds, to create diversified portfolios based on the analysis of the risk and return profiles of different asset classes.

Monthly Income Portfolios

The Quilter Investors Monthly Income Portfolios consist of two risk-targeted portfolios to meet a different investor income need and attitude to risk. They have been designed to help meet the challenge of achieving a sustainable income. A core of active investments sits at the heart of the portfolios with passive and smart beta strategies used by the Monthly Income portfolio managers to tilt the portfolios towards the best value opportunities.

Quilter Cheviot

Discretionary Portfolio Service

Discretionary portfolios are actively managed by an investment manager and you can leave the day-to-day decisions up to them. If you’re looking to invest £250,000 or more, our sister company, Quilter Cheviot, offers an investment management solution that is tailored to your needs. Your dedicated investment manager will work through your requirements and objectives to build a portfolio that really works for you.

Quilter Cheviot Climate Assets Fund

The Quilter Cheviot Climate Assets Fund is an actively managed multi-asset fund that invests in companies which make a positive contribution to the world, with a strong underpinning of ethical values. The Fund incorporates companies that fall in one of our five sustainable investment themes including energy, food, water, health and resources while excluding any from controversial industries such as alcohol, factory farming and human rights violators.

WealthSelect Active Managed Portfolios

The WealthSelect Active Managed Portfolios are aimed at investors seeking to achieve long-term capital growth by investing in a diversified range of asset classes. They invest in actively managed funds sub-advised by the Global Partners – a select group of high quality asset managers. The portfolios are risk-targeted, designed to perform within a specific range of volatility over the long term.

WealthSelect Blend Managed Portfolios

The WealthSelect Blend Managed Portfolios are managed in the same way as the active portfolios and still offer a fully outsourced, discretionary, risk-targeted managed investment solution. However, the Blend Managed Portfolios utilise both active and passive funds to meet the same risk boundaries, but with passive investment vehicles used where appropriate to reduce the overall cost of the portfolios.

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