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How we do things

Your financial needs are unique to you. This means the advice you receive from us is flexible and tailored just for you. It can include:

  • Wealth management – saving for your short-term goals, investing for the future, ensuring you’re making the most of the tax breaks available and planning for your retirement.
  • Personal and business protection – ensuring your loved ones, business and income are financially protected should you become unable to work or pass away.
  • Wealth preservation – preserving your wealth and planning to pass your wealth on to your loved ones tax-efficiently, including trust planning.
  • Financial planning – buying a property, remortgaging, paying for children’s education costs and ensuring you can pay for care in later life.

It’s all about you

Our procedure for providing you with quality advice follows a four-stage process, where each stage reinforces the one before. It’s a continuous process, allowing your personalised plan to be adapted as your needs and circumstances change.


By gathering information from you we will find out about any plans you already have in place. Then by exploring your attitude to risk and return, and your hopes and aspirations, we’ll build a picture of what you want to achieve. At this stage you will find out what to expect from us and how you will benefit from our advice during a face-to-face meeting. We do not usually charge a fee for this stage.


Like most of our clients, you will probably prefer us to do the necessary work to put your plan into action. This will save you a lot of time and effort and ensure everything is set up just the way you need it. We will charge you a fee for doing this, which we will explain to you.  Alternatively, you may decide to implement our recommendations yourself, in which case we just charge for our time and advice.


Nothing stands still, so it makes sense to review your plans regularly to make sure they are working the way you want them to. We suggest you do this annually but we can fit in with whatever suits you best. We’ll also be in touch if we have something that will be of interest to you.


We’ll explore and research various ways to make the best use of your existing financial provisions. We’ll then recommend how you can build on them, to give you the best chance of achieving your goals.

Get in touch

Email or call 0800 849 1279 if you have any questions or you wish to book a free initial consultation.

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