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Costs and charges

How much will it cost?

We can help secure your financial future by giving you advice you can trust.

It’s important for us to be transparent and open about how much our services cost. At your free initial consultation, we will give you a clear explanation of how much you will pay, what service you are paying for, how we’ve calculated the fees and charges, and when you need to pay.

The fees and charges will depend on the type of advice you receive. Not all the fees and charges described here will apply to every type of advice. You can see more about the fees and charges for specific types of advice using the links at the bottom of this page.

Example cost

To give you an idea, here’s an example based on a £100,000 investment, assuming the value remains constant at £100,000. The actual fee amounts you pay will change based on the value of your investments and the funds you choose to invest in.

Fee type Percentage amount Monetary amount
Advice initial fee* 5% £5,000
Advice ongoing fee 1% £1,000
Platform charge The Platform charge is for the servicing and administration of your investments, through which you can invest in a wide range of investment solutions. The cost will differ dependant on which Platform you are invested.
Investment charge The investment charge is made by the fund manager. It is the cost of investing in that particular investment funds and can vary between funds.

* Our initial fees are on a stepped basis and depend on the amount invested. This fee will only be charged for a new investment.

We can also provide many services on an ad hoc basis. An additional fee may be required. Please see our terms of business for more details.